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I'm Kristin, the one behind the camera.  Whether you're visiting my site for the first time, or just checking in to see what's new, I'm glad you're here!  Most of my sessions take place in the suburbs of Denver, CO or at my home studio in Castle Pines, CO.  My photographs of families, babies, individuals and interior spaces pop with true to life vivid color and detail.  To me, each session is a chance to capture something truly special, that you will enjoy looking back at year after year.


My goal during our photo session is to take the pressure off of you, (especially if "you" are the mom).  My sessions are upbeat, active and easygoing.  I always provide posing suggestions, but LOVE those candid moments. This is especially true when photographing young families, your littles are going to feed off of your energy; so engage them, laugh at their jokes, always tickle, and don't forget to smile at each other!

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